Day: 2012-07-5

Southern View

The apartment complex is just inside of the north fourth ring road. This view is due south looking toward the center of the city.

You can click on the photograph to goto a bigger version on flickr.

From what I understand, much of the buildings in Beijing date only from the 1980’s. The cultural revolution played havoc on much of the city,¬† followed by a seven-year effort¬† to present a good face to the world for the 2008 Olympics, and then the ongoing push to modernize the city. (Many of the historical buildings around Beijing are actually reconstructions.)

Many of the smaller (eight-story) buildings in the foreground are part of a community for retired military personnel. It is a very peaceful place.

In the center far background of the photograph, you might see a building that somewhat resembles 2 World Trade Center. We’ll talk more about it tomorrow.