Day: 2012-07-3

Up on the Roof

Today was a wonderful summer day… a bit on the hot side (peaking around 35C/96F), but with a nice breeze, blue skies, white clouds, and moderate to good air quality. I’ve been wanting to head back onto the roof of the apartment tower, and figured this’d be a good day to do so. I took the elevator upto the top floor, but found both gates leading to the roof locked. So, I went back down to the ground floor, walked over to the adjoining tower, and took the elevator upto the top floor, where I then found one of the gates unlocked. Climbed a few flights of stairs, up through a trap door, and onto the roof.

Here’s one of the shots that I took today (it is actually two… snapped with my iPhone and then stitched together:

I’m working on a larger panorama that I took of the view. Also going through shots taken with my D300/300 mm. More later…