Day: 2012-06-22

Night Opera

Shanshan and I flew into Xiamen last night to spend the long Dragon Boat Festival weekend. Xiamen is a sea-side, second-tier city with a population of only 3.5 million. (Shanshan actually commented how small it seemed as the airplane was on approach… there are over 160 cities with a population greater than one million in China.)

After checking into the Sheraton, we went out for a walk around the area. We heard an opera being performed, and decided to take a look. On the way into the venue… which was located near a temple… we passed by an area that smelled really bad. I’d compare it to how stinky tofu smells. More on that later.

We watched for a bit, and then went to dinner at a place serving Hong Kong dishes. They were playing American country and pop music on the stereo system.

My caption for that last picture is, well, “tell it to the hand”.