Ten from a Tuesday Walk

I took advantage of yet another day of beautiful Beijing weather to go on a walk around the neighborhood before heading to lunch.

This is construction debris from a unit in the complex that is being renovated. Because of the huge reliance of concrete, renovations usual entail a lot of labor in breaking down walls, putting the concrete in bags, carrying it down to the landing, loading it onto trucks, and carting it away.

This apartment (which is under renovation) just had the balcony enclosed. We’d previously been told by the property management this wasn’t allowed, so I’ve been gathering photographic evidence as we move ahead with our plans (whatever those plans may or may not be).

Blue skies and no traffic. Hmhhh, I wonder if this made the news in the US?

The Beijing Tibet Hotel. One of three Tibetan-themed structures (the others are a research center and a museum) located near the apartment.

Not sure what this building is for…  liked the design of it and the chair inside of the open door.

I passed by this man walking whilst playing with his nuts. Made me realize that I hadn’t played with mine for awhile. I am now, though.

Amway, like some other brands which might be considered lower-tier in the US, seem to be doing well in China.

Another view of my apartment complex. I was tempted to crop-out the car, but figured it’d look too much like a postcard if I did.

A library machine. Yep, I kid you not… those are really books inside of it.

And, finally, lunch. Yum.


  1. Beijing is very nice. I really enjoyed my visit there in 2008. The structure of the city is impressive, massive city blocks and all that. Food is also very tasty. I plan to visit again this year or sometime next year.

    I also remember that the air quality was better than Shanghai on the days that I visited.

    1. It is indeed impressive. And, I think you’ll find a lot of change since 2008. Today is a bit overcast (clouds not smog), but still really nice.

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