Month: May 2012

The Naked Janitor

Before the site at the  Tsinghua Science Park was closed down, and we were relocated to the “countryside” office of the new Oracle building, I used to workout at a gym in the lower level of one of the towers. It was okay. I mean, plenty of machines and free-weights. The changing room was a bit small, and the showers were a bit dingy, but nothing too terribly bad.

There was a janitor who spent a lot of time in the changing room. Would read magazines or newspapers when he wasn’t cleaning the area or busy with his duties in the rest of the gym. I think older. Seemed like a nice guy.

In any event, when it would come time to clean the showers, which was later n the evening but still during working hours, he would often strip down to nothing and clean them. I was kinda surprised when this first happened.

Not that it doesn’t make sense. I mean, why get one’s clothes wet cleaning a shower?

I’ve noticed over the last five years here that the Chinese are so much more about nakedness than in the US. As examples, in some of the spas I goto, it isn’t uncommon to see father and son naked in a pool, or a masseur (most often clothed) tending to knotted muscles of a naked client on an open massage table.

Xiao Mao and the 105

I’ve had a 105mm AF Micro Nikkor for a long, long time. I’ve maybe used it a couple of times. Decided to dust it off today and give it a go. Here are two shots that I took.

Both were taken with the camera (not that cat) hand-held. Xiao Mao was sitting on cat perch.

Of course, being a child (or a child of children?) of the 1960’s, this came to mind when looking at the second picture:

Going… Going…

These shops, not far from our apartment, have been targeted for demolition. Although they don’t look like much in a cleared-out state, they were in fact quite lively. Restaurants, a tailor, and a very large supermarket amongst them. The structure was probably of dubious construction, but the businesses inside them served many community needs.

I hope that whatever building (or buildings) replace this structure will still continue to provide useful services to the community at affordable prices… and be of good quality construction.

Number Nine

I’ve been taking the Line 009 bus home for the past four days. We’ve had a QE summit this week, and Jeffrey has been letting me off at a Line 009 bus stop on the way to bringing Andre to the hotel. In any event, it’s been a real treat not only because of the time taken off the commute by Jeffrey driving, but also because Line 009 is an express bus.

In any event, most Line 009 buses are of the double-decker variety.

After riding it these past four days, I think that either the designers/purchasers of this bus were on the shorter end of the height spectrum, and/or didn’t envision themselves ever having to ride on it. For me, at six foot, slouching was necessary on the lower level, and crouching was required on the top. Another rider (who I think was taller than me under natural circumstances, chose to stand and bend his neck at an 90-degree angle. Although he seemed comfortable in this position, even just looking at him made my neck ache.