Month: May 2012

Going… Going…

These shops, not far from our apartment, have been targeted for demolition. Although they don’t look like much in a cleared-out state, they were in fact quite lively. Restaurants, a tailor, and a very large supermarket amongst them. The structure was probably of dubious construction, but the businesses inside them served many community needs.

I hope that whatever building (or buildings) replace this structure will still continue to provide useful services to the community at affordable prices… and be of good quality construction.

Number Nine

I’ve been taking the Line 009 bus home for the past four days. We’ve had a QE summit this week, and Jeffrey has been letting me off at a Line 009 bus stop on the way to bringing Andre to the hotel. In any event, it’s been a real treat not only because of the time taken off the commute by Jeffrey driving, but also because Line 009 is an express bus.

In any event, most Line 009 buses are of the double-decker variety.

After riding it these past four days, I think that either the designers/purchasers of this bus were on the shorter end of the height spectrum, and/or didn’t envision themselves ever having to ride on it. For me, at six foot, slouching was necessary on the lower level, and crouching was required on the top. Another rider (who I think was taller than me under natural circumstances, chose to stand and bend his neck at an 90-degree angle. Although he seemed comfortable in this position, even just looking at him made my neck ache.

SMS Spam on My Cellphone


500,000 RMB (79K USD) for whole family to get American  Green Card. Refund if not successful!

220,000 RMB (34,800 USD) for the whole family to get Canadian passport within six months. Free medicine and education.
Seminar  Saturday by experts to explain investments in America and Canada. Returns twice as much as invested! To make an appointment, call.

Thanks to Shanshan for help with the translation.

Bicycle with Vegetables

I like the colors and shadows in this shot. Also, how it shows how some folks still rely on the bicycle not only as transportation from point A to B, but as a vehicle to carry vegetables, fruits, and many other types of items. And, I won’t mention how it was parked in the street in opposition to the flow of traffic.

The bicycle right outside the shop where I get my morning bread when I go into work.

Barn with Branches

I took this photo in 1985 in the Dry Creek Valley of Healdsburg, California, where I lived for many years.  It was taken for a project that I did at Santa Rosa Junior College taking pictures of the valley… some of which I’ve previously posted to flicker and facebook. It was shot with color film. I think with a filter as well. Was going through the series looking for something that might look better in B&W and with a bit of cropping and correction, and saw this print. It has been one of my favorites for a long while.

As you can see, many of my themes in China… things in disrepair, angles, lines, and contrasts… are also present in this shot.