Tank Food

Here are pictures of some meal choices at the restaurant where we had lunch today.

Starting with the Two Eyes on One Side Fish (a rough translation of the Chinese), it is exactly that. Unlike the manta ray, the eyes structurally seem to be on one side. The mouth opens and closes out from the body. I didn’t see what is on the flip-side of the fish, but it does seem like it adapted from the vertical to the horizontal.

For lack of a better name, I’m gonna call this one a hairy crab.

This is Elephant Nose, which is supposed to be quite tasty (it can also be quite expensive).

And, this basket is full of Sea Sausage

As my colleagues and I watched, some of the sausages retracted their foreskin*to show their heads, which looked similar to those of eels.

No word on whether the sausage could be ordered with a circumcised option.

*If you don’t like the term, please suggest to me a better option.