Day: 2012-05-24

The Naked Janitor

Before the site at the  Tsinghua Science Park was closed down, and we were relocated to the “countryside” office of the new Oracle building, I used to workout at a gym in the lower level of one of the towers. It was okay. I mean, plenty of machines and free-weights. The changing room was a bit small, and the showers were a bit dingy, but nothing too terribly bad.

There was a janitor who spent a lot of time in the changing room. Would read magazines or newspapers when he wasn’t cleaning the area or busy with his duties in the rest of the gym. I think older. Seemed like a nice guy.

In any event, when it would come time to clean the showers, which was later n the evening but still during working hours, he would often strip down to nothing and clean them. I was kinda surprised when this first happened.

Not that it doesn’t make sense. I mean, why get one’s clothes wet cleaning a shower?

I’ve noticed over the last five years here that the Chinese are so much more about nakedness than in the US. As examples, in some of the spas I goto, it isn’t uncommon to see father and son naked in a pool, or a masseur (most often clothed) tending to knotted muscles of a naked client on an open massage table.