Number Nine

I’ve been taking the Line 009 bus home for the past four days. We’ve had a QE summit this week, and Jeffrey has been letting me off at a Line 009 bus stop on the way to bringing Andre to the hotel. In any event, it’s been a real treat not only because of the time taken off the commute by Jeffrey driving, but also because Line 009 is an express bus.

In any event, most Line 009 buses are of the double-decker variety.

After riding it these past four days, I think that either the designers/purchasers of this bus were on the shorter end of the height spectrum, and/or didn’t envision themselves ever having to ride on it. For me, at six foot, slouching was necessary on the lower level, and crouching was required on the top. Another rider (who I think was taller than me under natural circumstances, chose to stand and bend his neck at an 90-degree angle. Although he seemed comfortable in this position, even just looking at him made my neck ache.