Day: 2012-05-12

Barn with Branches

I took this photo in 1985 in the Dry Creek Valley of Healdsburg, California, where I lived for many years.  It was taken for a project that I did at Santa Rosa Junior College taking pictures of the valley… some of which I’ve previously posted to flicker and facebook. It was shot with color film. I think with a filter as well. Was going through the series looking for something that might look better in B&W and with a bit of cropping and correction, and saw this print. It has been one of my favorites for a long while.

As you can see, many of my themes in China… things in disrepair, angles, lines, and contrasts… are also present in this shot.


San Francisco 2012

Here are six of the thirty-one photos currently in my San Francisco 2012 album on flickr. I’ll be adding more over time. And, yep, some should have stories.

With Aram and the Cousins

Old and New Bay Bridges

Shanshan at Union Square 1

San Francisco Skyline

Peacock at the SF Zoo

SF Taxi