Galisteo 2012 Color

First off, I’m painfully aware that the pictures in this set really need wordage. And, well, that 18 photographs doesn’t even begin to convey what my family and friends (both living in and visiting Galisteo) experienced. And, that certainly I should  include more than just the six “teaser” shots in this blog post.

As far as the latter comment goes, you can see the current 18 shots here. And, I’ll add to the set over the next week or so.

Well, as to the wordage accompany the shots… I guess I’ll need to hear which ones folks are interested in learning more about. 🙂

ps… no filters were used on any of the shots. The sky actually looks like that.


  1. This makes me miss your mom! I’m hoping that she & Philip are coming to Dallas next month. Since I met them 18 months ago, I’ve told them I won’t come to Santa Fe again without meeting up with one of both of them. Your mom’s spirit & love for life touched me within the first day we met. I brought a friend to meet her last March. As we left my friend said, let’s buy the next-door neighbors house so we can be neighbors too 🙂

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