A Little Bit of Grace

I met my friend Mike today for drinks and salads at La Bamba, which is located not from the Wudaokou station on the Line 13. It was a pretty convenient getting there… walked to the subway station near my office, rode a couple of stops, and that was it. One of the few things that is convenient for me from that place, but so it goes.

In any event, I got there a bit early, so I sat back a bit with a rum and coke, and watched some of the waiters play (magnetic) darts.

When Mike arrived, we ordered the salads… he had a Greek salad and I had a chicken salad. A word of warning about the Greek Salad at La Bamba… unless you don’t like Feta cheese and love tomatoes, don’t get it.Otherwise, the food is excellent.

Anyway we talked politics, current events, and generally caught-up before taking a taxi back to the old apartment building so I could pick-up Xiao Mao from the vets… he’d been feeling a bit under-the-weather, and was boarded there for the last three days so they could administer the requisite IV drips without me taking a cab out there and sitting with him for three hours or so each day. It was the Koreans who gave him me to anyway, so I feel totally comfortable with leaving him in their care.

He’s doing fine. In the kitchen eating as I write this. Now weighs over six kilos, which is almost a couple more than the dog. He’s big-boned. Yep, that’s it.