Day: 2012-04-23

Wedding Photos USA

From what I’ve seen, wedding photos are a huge deal in China. They are often taken many types of clothing and at scenic places. And, when couples aren’t able to travel, the pictures are taken at studios or even special wedding streets.

Shanshan and wanted to do something different for our photos. So, we planned on taking her wedding dress (actually bought for the pictures… she wore a traditional Chinese dress for our ceremony here last year) and my tux (bought long ago) with us as we traveled around the US visiting family and friends. In addition, Shanshan’s parents also brought along a suit and a lovely dress.

There are 38 pictures in the set, which can be viewed on either facebook or flickr at:

The first set were taken at Rodger and Christina’s, the second at Julia’s, and the third at John and Tanya’s. Rodger and Christina live in Longmont, Co, whilst Julia, John, and Tanya live in Galisteo, NM. All were taken with my Nikon D300 with either the 14 mm or 85 mm attached. When a flash was used, it was an SB-600. I shot most of the pictures. However, when I was appearing in front of the camera, the photographers were Rodger, Julia, or Tanya.

Here are five shots… please do goto the above links and take a look at the complete set.

Thanks once again to Rodger, Christina, Julia, John, and Tanya.