Columbian Prostitutes

As someone who isn’t seeking (re)election, and isn’t courting any particular demographic, I’ve got to say I’m disappointed at how the “controversy” involving the Colombian prostitutes is being handled.

I just don’t think that the punishment that these folks are receiving fits the crime (and I’m not sure that any crime was actually committed, since I don’t know the statutes on prostitution in that country).

Perhaps some sort of censure for bad judgement and poor negotiation, but losing a job?

I wonder how many times secret service agents (and others) have covered-up for elected officials that have not only taken place in hotel rooms, but public office spaces.

During my days in the service, there was a reason that “Pubic Bay” was so called (and, mom, I never went there). I’m sure that there are now other destinations now with similar monikers.

If the folks involved were in committed relationships, I think this is between them and their spouses. If they missed reporting for an assignment because of police involvement, then they should be reprimanded for that transgression.