Day: 2012-04-10

Letter to United Airlines

My wife and I are traveling with her parents in the USA. It is her parent’s first trip out of China, and they speak very limited English.

The main flight attendant dealing with my in-laws was extremely rude to them. Getting aggravated with them when they didn’t understand what she said in English. It was a humiliating experience.

In addition, the flight attendants walked through the cabin with the wrong Custom Forms (had only Chinese-language versions), and didn’t explain that I94 Immigration forms were going to be needed.

Once I blogged about the experience:

people started telling me about similar experiences that they’ve had on this route.

Also, on the flight to Denver (UA1133), they were forced to re-seat from exit rows (Economy Plus) to middle rows because they didn’t speak English… even though I had confirmed on the phone that it would be okay for them to sit in these seats.

We have four more flights to take on this trip, and I’m quite frankly worried about what other hardships they’ll face at the hands of United staff.