Day: 2012-03-25

Beijing Bicycle (Rental)

In August of 2007, roughly a year before the 2008 Beijing Olympics, an entrepreneur rolled-out a bicycle rental scheme in the capital city. This effort was noted in both Chinese and Western media:

Although I think Mr Wang surely must’ve made money off of foreigners visiting the city for the Olympics, here’s what one of the rental stations now looks like:

Beijing Bicycle (Rental)

The bicycles have long been abandoned, left chained together in key places through-out the city as they rot away. This particular place, in the Wudaokou area, had more than 50 bicycles. (There are actually two groups of bicycles here — one red and one white — I think the red ones might’ve been from a competing company.)

In discussions with friends at the time, there was a general consensus that the scheme would fail:

  • The bikes were of poor quality
  • Most people who would ride bikes already had them
  • The one year fee was more than that a person would pay to own a bike outright (especially at some of the city’s “used” bike markets)

In addition, it seems that there wasn’t much maintenance being performed on the bicycles.

Note: the title refers to the movie Beijing Bicycle.

Two Conversations with the Wife


Me: So, your parents are coming over for dinner tonight?

Wife: Yep, they’ll be here at 5:30.

Me: So, they’ll bring food with them?

Wife: Nope, I’ll order.

Me: Order what?

Wife: Chinese.

A Few Days Ago

[Walking by an elaborate restaurant that we’d gone by many times before, with me always asking what they served.]

Me:What do they serve there?

Wife [somewhat annoyed]: A famous Beijing dish

Me: Sea Cucumber?

Wife: No.

Me: Beijing Kao Ya?

Wife: Yes.

Me: Bu Shi Peking Kao Ya Ma?

Wife: No.

Me: Then, who calls it Peking Roast Duck?

Wife: You foreigners.