The 300

I stopped shooting with zoom lenses years ago. Gave them away. The three lenses I primarily use now are 14 mm, 85 mm, and 300 mm. Actually, it’s been awhile since I shot with the 300. So, with another absolutely gorgeous Beijing day outside, I took it with me as I headed down to the third ring road.

This is the top of a neighboring apartment complex.

Green, White, and Blue

The next four I took waiting for the bus (not sure if the first one works or not)

Branches and Building

Zhong Hua (China)

Twin Triangles

The triangles are on top of each tower of my apartment complex. You’ll see them again later in the series.

Electric Bicycle and Scooter

After exiting the bus, I walked a bit to my friend’s apartment complex. A new tower is nearing completion, and with it comes finishing touches like putting in brick pavers

Setting Brick Pavers

Here’s another picture of the triangles from his apartment

Roman Gardens from Third Ring Road

Even though it was a bit windy out today, I decided to walk back instead of taking the bus. The rest of the shots were taking on the way home.


Dish in Gray

Drain Pipe

Torn Awnings

There is something about the above shot I really like

Three Mops

Nope, they’re not men, they’re mop heads (with apologies to both Gary and Walter)


Two Bridges

Car Wash Attendant

The last photo in the set was taken at a one-stall car wash very close to my apartment. I’ve been intrigued by the outfits worn by some of the women who work there. Tried several times to capture them with my iPhone 4 as  I walked by, but ended-up with blurry messes. This type of shot is something for which I think the 300 mm is ideally suited.