Two Days Walking

Shanshan and I walked to the police office yesterday to get my residency permit (more on that in a later post). Along the way there, we passed by this wall

Walk of Vines and Air Conditioners

and, this shop

I found the imagery of how the female and male signs were, well,  interlaced quite intriguing. And, yep, that is St Nick’s face in the window.

And, finally, I took a picture of this

Today, I walked Leo down to get his bi-weekly grooming.

On the way back home from dropping him off, I took this shot of a bird fancier and another man

As well as this

hmmh, I wonder if the Tate would consider an exhibit with the real things…

A little farther on were these

And, finally, close to home

Now if you didn’t recognize the Screaming Eagle patches on the left arms of the two gentlemen on the left, let’s just say those ain’t Chinese military uniforms.