From the Office to My Home by Bus

Okay, so the first thing is to walk out of the Oracle building to the main street, and then turn left. You’ll walk past the newly constructed Sugan Computer Building

Sugan Computer Building

Which, incidentally, at five stories is two stories taller than the height limit allowed in the software park. Continue walking past the IBM building

IBM Building

On past the townhouses, which are not yet quite complete


And, continue past by the tent for the laborers working on the townhouses

Tent for Laborers

And, out to the campus perimeter

Campus Perimeter

Now, walk across the street, and continue down Dong Bei Wang Zhong Lu

Dong Bei Wang Zhong Lu

Past the fruit stand with sugar cane

Fruit Stand with Sugar Cane

and, the side of the supermarket

Side of Super Market

And, if he still happens to be around, avoid the guy with the strange hair trying to put his san lun che onto the sidewalk

Guy with Strange Hair

Just walk on by. Nothing to see there. Nothing

Now, if you’re a bit hungry, you can walk across the street to this shop, where you can get a huge piece bing (soft bread) for three RMB

Bing Shop

And, past this newly constructed sign


You’ll then see the sign where you should wait for the bus

362 629 509 Bus Signs

You’re gonna want to take the 656. Now, you might be a bit confused about why there isn’t a sign for the 656. However, if you look at the back of the above signs, you’ll see

362 656 509 Bus Signs

Don’t ask me why. I’m just the messenger.

You’ll be right across from this market

Fruit and More

After a bit, you’ll see the 656 coming from the terminal next to the market

656 Coming

Again, it is the 656 that you want

656 Redux

Board at the front of the bus, and swipe your transit card at the meter upon doing so

Card Swipe Meter


Take a look at the route sign after you start walking to the rear of the bus. You’re gonna exit at AN HUI QIAO DONG


The stop before it is YA YUN CUN. The announcements are given in English and Mandarin. Oh, if you miss the AN HUI QIAO DONG stop, exiting at HUI XIN DONG QIAO XI is also okay.  (The blue dots signify transfer points to the subway system.)

Since this is the first stop for the 656, and only a few people board here, you’ll have your choice of seats. I suggest the ones right behind the rear doors. A fair amount of legroom, and close to where you’re gonna exit.

Settle in for about an hour or so and take in the sights.

Right after the YA YUN CUN stop, you should start making your way to the door, and swipe your card if possible. If you wait to the last minute, you’re likely to encounter a rush like this

Card Swipe Meter in Action

Oh, right before the stop, you’ll pass by the Beijing Tibet Hotel

Beijing Tibet Hotel

Anyway, gimme me a call once you exit the bus. It’ll take me about ten minutes to walk there from my apartment.