Of Sepia and Fog

Today was a particularly “foggy” day. Because of the muted shadows the fog provides, I’ve always enjoyed shooting in such environments. Well, I mean, in the cleaner variations of today’s version, of course. In any event, I grabbed the D300/14 mm and brought it with me as Shanshan and I went about our day.

First off was a walk down a few blocks to the Blue Way Cafe (where I took yesterday’s shot of The Brothers Gibb). I took these two shots as we walked through the neighboring apartment complex.


Lanterns and Door

When we got to the main street, we passed by an apartment which had pigeons leaving from a window coop. “Pigeons,” said I to my kind, sweet wife. “Tasty,” replied she.

Breakfast complete (no pigeon), we took a taxi off to get massages at her favorite blind man parlor (more about that in a later post). Once finished, we decided to take the subway home. I took these two pictures on the way to the station:

Power Substation

Golden Arch

I took this one going down to the subway platform:

Dove and Subway Platform

After exiting the subway, we walked along Hui Xin Xie Jie a bit, where I took these three photographs:

Horns and Bench

Lei Feng Propaganda Posters

San Lun Che and Car

We then walked through another neighboring apartment complex. I thought I knew a shortcut through it, but we were unfortunately confronted with this:

Locked Gate

Bad husband. Bad, bad husband. Anyway, as we retraced our steps through the complex, I snapped this shot:

Newspaper for Public Reading

Once we got back to the road that’d take us back to our place, I took this one:

San Lun Che Newsstand

Finally, before heading into the apartment complex, we stopped off at the fruit stand. Here’s the vendor preparing some pineapple for us:

Preparing Pineapple