Sunday Night Thoughts

A long time ago, I needed a to find a new job, and was lucky enough to get one that was supposed to send me to Beijing once a quarter or so. It was soon after getting the job that I learned that my marriage, well, wasn’t.

I fell in love with the city during my first trip here in March of 2006 (much in the same way I’d fallen in love with New York some twenty years previous), and, coupled with the –argh– uncoupling previously mentioned, decided this was the place that I’d make my home.

And, for the past ten years, it has been home… this place were I met my wife, where our son was born. I remain fiercely loyal and protective of this city where my family (by way of my wife, and now, our son) has lived for generations.

We’ve now started on a journey to the US. Back to the Peninsula, to the place where I was born, and my father was born.

At the end of February, I’ll be flying back. At the end of March, Shanshan and Chong Chong will join me.

He’s on a Horse

We took Chong Chong for horse-riding in the Shunyi District of Beijing. (The event was organized by Gymboree, which he attends on almost a weekly basis.)

This was his first time on a horse. Chong Chong was a bit skittish when I transferred him from my shoulders to the saddle, but he settled in quite fast after the horse started walking. I had one hand on his leg and the other on his back as we started out.

After a few minutes, and I asked the guide if it would be okay for Chong Chong to ride without me holding him. The guide said it would be fine as long as Chong Chong had both feet in the stirrups, and his hands on the straps. And, well, that was it… off he went riding by himself.

btw, this was the first time that Chong Chong has successfully ridden a four-legged animal (unsuccesful attempts are limited to our dog and two cats).