Ocean International Center

A building in the Ocean International Center. One of three quick snaps from a taxi with my iPhone 6. Again, the tuning comes courtesy of Adobe Lightroom.

And, yep, our summer of (mostly) amazing weather continues.

The Village Square

Taken in The Village at noon last Friday, about an hour or so before Metal, Brick, and Glass. Again, with my D300 / 14 mm combo.

I hate this area. Abhor it. Full of tourists (foreign and otherwise) and trendy/chic people with whom I’ve got next to nothing in common. If it weren’t for the Apple store, or a Belgian beer pub called The Tree, I wouldn’t visit there at all. Okay, well, Blue Frog ain’t bad either, but that’s it.

The place is usually chockablock full of people. It was cool to take a photo of the square when it was relatively empty.

Tutu, Pointe Shoes, and Lights

From a window display inside the China World Mall, the first of many upscale malls which now can be found around Beijing.

Although this was just a quick snap with the back camera of my iPhone 6, I spent a lot of time developing it with Lightroom, including removing reflections from the display glass and those pesky wires holding the tutu in place. (If I knew how to use Photoshop, I might’ve also removed the pedestal.)

Metal, Brick, and Glass

I don’t use my D300 / 14mm combo that much anymore. Most of the shots I are en route to somewhere, and the combo is just too bulky to be carrying around. Many of my shots are taken with the back camera of my iPhone 6. Or, if it looks like a wonderful day outside or I know I’ll be going somewhere kinda special, I’ll bring along the Lumix DMC-GX7, which usually does a more than adequate job.

Still, there is something special about shooting with the 14 mm. Besides being one of the most beautiful things that I’ve ever owned (a picture of one is here), it can capture some spectacular shots with very little distortion. (And, well, whatever distortion there is, can be dealt with extremely well using the Lens Correction feature of Photoshop Lightroom.)

With that out of the way, here’s a shot I took with it yesterday.